Safety First.

Our motto at Paynel when it comes to health and safety is simple: NO ONE GETS HURT. Health and safety is the number one priority for us at any and every project we complete. This can be seen by our impeccable safety record. We have a total of 0 lost time injuries over the last 5 years.

Every day when employees first arrive at site, they log into their eCompliance safety application and begin their daily safety tasks, including (but not limited to): Covid 19 Checks, Ladder Inspections, Scissor Lift Inspections, Harness and Lanyard Inspections, a full Job Hazard Analysis as well as a Field Level Risk Assessment for that days work.

All of our employees must have the following training before stepping onto site: Working at Heights, Elevated Work Platforms, WHMIS, MOL Health & Safety in 4 Steps and First Aid.

We always have and will always continue to put safety first for the sake of our employees and our customers.

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